Pico Mountain Report


Martha Congdon Inducted As Honorary Pico Ski Club Member

Martha Congdon, a long time Pico Ski Club member was honored at our General Meeting on Nov. 2 by being inducted as a Honorary Member of the Pico Ski Club.

Martha’s parents, Lawrence and Helena Culver operated the Ski Shop here at Pico in the early years and were responsible for starting the Jr. Instruction Program. Martha volunteered her time as an instructor in the Program, has worked countless races, has been part of the Spring Fling Crew for years, served on the Board of Directors eventually becoming President of the Club.

Most importantly Martha was Chairman of the Membership Committee for more than 20 years. Because of her dedication to this position the Ski Club is what it is today. Martha made sure members were not forgotten when they may have failed to register. Martha would call on these members to remind them to re-up . She was aware that the Club needed diversity between Race and Social members and based on written recommendations, chose wisely. This selection was not done solely by Martha, she selected members who shared the same vision and purpose on which the Club was founded to help her make the these decisions.

So I thank Martha for her time served and her dedication to the Pico Ski Club. When you see Martha, congratulate her on this achievement.

Barry Cupoli

President, Pico Ski Club