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President's Message - August 2017

August 2017

As I sit here rifling through my bag on a plane headed to Dallas, I come across the quintessential reminder of why we do what we do every weekend from November to April. It’s a note from one of our athletes that simply reads:

 Pete the Cat!

Jasper, as many of you may know, is one of our U8 rock stars who at the age of 6 came out EVERY weekend last season. Regardless of the ever-changing weather, there was Jasper ready to make new friends and have a blast doing what we all LOVE to do …. SKI !!!

I can only reflect on the fact that while we are parents, coaches or both, our job and the reason the Pico Ski Club exists is to instill the raw love of skiing that old Jasper so eloquently penned in his thank you note to me at the end of last season.

Whether you or your kids race or just ski for fun, being out on the hill with your friends and family and getting that feeling of flying down 49er or ripping up Busted is only attainable if someone in your life simply showed you how.

My message for this year …. Be there for the Japsers of the world. Whether it’s volunteering at races, helping out at a social event, or skiing with a U8 like Jasper, the very existence of the sport and the Pico Ski Club depends on your love of the sport and commitment to helping out.

On behalf of the entire board, committee chairs and coaching staff our heartfelt thanks for taking this message to heart and offering up your time and energy towards making sure that we continue to support the sport and the ski club we love……all in the hope that one day we see Jaspers kids bombing down 49er with his group of SKI FRIENDS from the Pico Ski Club.

Enjoy the rest of the summer season because winter is coming!

I look forward to seeing you out on the hill.

Pete Lebish

Pico Ski Club President