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March 22, 2017 - From the Pico Ski Education Foundation:


Andrea Mead Lawrence Scholarship 


This Scholarship is granted to the U14 boy and girl and the U16 boy and girl who have the best race results for the season 


This Scholarship grants the recipient their PSC Coaching Fees for the 2016-2017 season. 


U14: Taylor Blodorn and Reed Martin

U16:  Vera Martin and Dylan Roussel


Harry "Rebel" Ryan Scholarship 

This Scholarship is granted to two Pico racers at U14 or above who demonstrate a strong commitment to ski racing and to the Pico Race Program, have shown exemplary leadership, hard work, dedication and achievement as determined by the coaches and has expressed these values by completing two essays explaining their commitment to the Pico program and goals for the training supported by the scholarship. 

This Scholarship grants the recipient $1500, for use at a ski race or dry land camp during the summer or fall season. 


Aidan Murphy


Sarah Will Scholarship

This Scholarship is granted to the racer, U18 and above who has been nominated by his or her coach and has exemplified the "Pico Athleteā€¯ through their determination, sportsmanship, internal strength and dedication. 


This Scholarship grants the recipient their PSC Coaching fees for 2017-2018.


Austin Roussel


Thank you to the Scholarship Committee for your work and congratulations to the athletes.





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