Pico Mountain Report


Thanks to all the Social Committee Volunteers this season!

As we know, volunteers are what makes the Pico Ski Club tick.  Without people pitching in, giving their time, and helping to make events happen, it wouldn’t be the organization it is.

Helen Kinsman and Linda Lambert, Social Co-Chairs, would like to thank the following members for their willingness to volunteer their time during the Harvest Social, Wine and Cheeses, Pot Luck dinners, and the Spring Fling events held this season.

Margo Jones               Doris Truex                                     

Jessica Anderson                Pat Cuddy

Martha Congdon                  Susannah Lofredo

Carol Robbins                      Bethany Lebish

Kristen Kenosh                    Jen Burchell

Rob McClallen                     Barry Cupoli

Janet McClallen                   Pam Cupoli

Kathy Lowkes                      Diane Mulkern

Sue Cooley                          Patty Henningson

Betty Hughes                       Stephanie Manning

Doris Reed                           Barb Hastings

Michelle Mangan                  Marlene Burke

Larry Cupoli                          Dave Lambert

Thank you Volunteers!