Pico Mountain Report


Volunteerism is the key to a successful Pico Ski Club

The Pico Ski Club has been a successful organization for more than 60 years because members volunteer for numerous activities and events, such as the annual Ski Swap, Social Activities, Club Maintenance, Race Crew, etc.

Additionally, membership dues are affordable because everyone is pitching in. Every year when you renew your membership, you’re asked to indicate which event and/or activities you would be willing to assist. Unfortunately though, many members have failed to fulfill their volunteer commitments when called upon by the various committee chairs. The failure of the membership to lend a hand increases the time commitment and pressure for those that do volunteer on a regular basis. 

Without volunteer support from the membership, the Pico Ski Club may ultimately have to reduce the benefits afforded to the membership. This could mean fewer Social Events, overall reduction in Ski Swap hours and dates, and deferred maintenance projects that in the long run could end up costing the club thousands of dollars. 

Your Pico Ski Club Board of Directors have been discussing various ideas to promote increased volunteerism among the membership. Some of the ideas include revoking membership of those who fail to volunteer, financial penalties for those who don’t volunteer, or increasing membership dues to pay for the Social Events, maintenance projects and to maintain a level of benefits currently enjoyed by the membership. 

We know that members may have other ideas to increase volunteerism at the club, and the Board of Directors would appreciate hearing from you. Please send your ideas to info@picoskiclub.com. Increasing volunteerism within the club membership will be discussed again the the BOD meeting on Tuesday, March 18, 5:30 p.m. at People’s Bank in Rutland and at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 5, 2:30 p.m. at the Pico Ski Club.