Pico Mountain Report


Work day a HUGE Success!

Work DayWe had a work morning November 30th with the intent of building five new picnic tables for the ski club. But as a result of 15 members showing up – we got a WHOLE lot more accomplished. Maintenance volunteers Adam Loffredo, Bruce Bentley, Mike Roussel, Bill Canfield, Fabio Rosi, Mike O’Hare, Barry Cupoli, Dan Nelson, John McClallen, Mike Brady, Rich Westburg, Jeff Lockwood, Kevin Vest, Alden Franzoni and I had a very productive morning. It’s always great to see new members jumping in to help the veterans. The cross section of skills enabled us to tackle projects upstairs, downstairs as well as outside.

A reminder to all members who signed up for club maintenance in your membership renewal – we’ll hold a 30 minute organizational meeting December 14th in the basement of the ski club at 2 p.m..  

As a result of a growing membership and successful race program, we’re expecting many busy weekends in the club. For this reason we’ve added (6) tables downstairs with plans to install shelves for boot bags/coats, improved lighting/heating and more. We hope to see this area used by all members should the main floor be crowded.

This club is more affordable as a result of the many functions performed by volunteers in maintenance, social, race and ski swap. The history of member commitment to helping out is what makes this organization so special. Pico Ski Club is so much more than a place to park a boot bag – it’s our community that makes the difference. See you up there!