Pico Ski Club Renewal

picIt is that time of the year! Renew you club membership now. Registration is open August 15 through September 15th. Be sure to register prior to September 15th to avoid the late fee.


 If you wish to become a new member of the Pico Ski Club. Please complete the application which can be accessed online. Click Here to access the application.  Complete the New Member Application online and once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email giving you directions to register as a new member.

U12 Sweep the MVC Race Series to Claim the Boot for the Season!


2018 Race Schedule

1/7/2018 U12 MVC Skills/Dual PSC RUNS B Slope
1/8/2018 RHS Alpine Race Bslope
1/11/2018 Ski Bum Race Series  Lower pike
1/20/2018 Metro NY       PSC  B Slope
1/20/2018 Wounded Warrior     Pico Mtn runs Panhandler
1/21/2018 U8        PSC  B Slope
1/21/2018 Saratoga Kids Ad Club    Pico Mtn  Panhandler
1/28/2018 U12 MVC GS      PSC  B Slope
2/3/2018 NJ Ski Council   PSC B Slope
2/10/2018 U10 MVC Skills/Team Dual PSC B Slope
2/11/2018 U14 MVC SL      PSC  B Slope
2/12/2017 RHS Alpine Race B Slope
2/17/2018 U8      PSC  B Slope
2/19/2018 VO Harry Chapin SL   16/19/21      PSC  B Slope
2/24/2018 U10 MVC Dual Stubby SL PSC B Slope
  Downhill for Diabetes PSC Lower pike
2/25/2018 U14 VARA Shoot Out (1SL/1GS) PSC B Slope
3/3/2018 Monmouth Ski Club Panhandler
3/4/2018 GE    Pico Mtn Panhandler
3/4/2018 Boy Scouts  Pico Mtn Panhandler
3/4/2018 U8    PSC  B Slope
3/10/2018 SWIX GTS Acker SL Final 16/19/21 PSC runs B Slope
3/11/2018 CanDo MS Panhandler/lower pike
3/18/2018 New Haven   Pico Mtn  
3/18/2018 Special Olympics PSC  
3/19/2018 Special Olympics PSC  
3/20/2018 Special Olympics PSC  
3/24/2018 Spring Fling    PSC  B Slope

Race Program

PSC Registration

Located at the base of Pico Mountain in the central Green Mountains of Vermont, the Pico Ski Club's mission is to provide an opportunity for youth to become successful individuals and to achieve their personal goals through their participation in ski racing. Participants need not be members of the Pico Ski Club. 

The Pico Ski Club is dedicated to providing an athletic environment which ensures each participant is given the opportunity to excel and pursue his/her dreams in alpine ski racing. Coaches will help educate athletes in proper athlete management, goal setting, mental skills training, dryland preparation, on-snow training, race preparation and summer planning. 

The Pico Ski Club's programs are offered for kids age 5 to 20, and no previous racing experience is required. However, U14+ participants should be very strong all-mountain skiers. All program participants must be comfortable skiing all types of terrain and must be able to safely load, ride, and pull the safety bar down and unload the chairlift by themselves. 

Pico Ski Club's goal is to foster the love of the sport for lifelong participation, and to provide the fundamentals for each skier to reach their full potential. The Pico Ski Club is partnering with AdminSports.com to process online registration for Racing Programs. The Pico Ski Club Race Programs partner with the Pico Ski Education Foundation for financial support for equipment purchases, scholarships for PSC athletes and for the recent establishment of the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge

All participants must abide by the Killington/Pico Ski Resort Partners Code of Conduct

General inquiries and questions regarding any of our race programs should contact us at [email protected]

The Pico Ski Club offers the following programs for the 2017-18 Season:

Race Program Registration

Please follow these 5 steps for online registration for registration in the Race Program:

  1. Family Setup: You will only have to do this the first time you register. However, if you are a previous Pico Ski Club Member and have already renewed your 2017-18 membership, most of this information will be pulled from the database when you login. Please use an e-mail address you check regularly. If you forget your password, you will need your correct e-mail address.
  2. Participant Setup: Again, you will only have to do this once for each participant.
  3. Registration for the season: This section contains the information for each member/participant for the current season. For all race programs participants, this information will include: program level, health insurance information, emergency contacts, medical information.
  4. Fees: Each family will be assesed a $375 refundable Work Day Fee if all work day requirements are fulfilled. If your family is not a member of the Pico Ski Club, a $100 Club Use Fee will be assesed for the first participant, and $40 for each additional participant.
  5. Checkout: You may pay by credit card or check. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can pay in three installments (two for U8) for Race Program Fees. The first installment will be paid at checkout and the second installment will be processed to your credit card on December 1, 2017 and the third installment will be charged to your credit card on January 1, 2018.


Register Here


Welcome to Pico Ski Club!

Annual Membership Renewal

Pico Ski Club Membership Renewal is open through Friday, September 15th. Annual dues paid by September 15th are $160 for the first family member and $45 for each additional family member. For example, a family of four pays $295. Family members are defined as applicant, spouse and all children under 22 years of age. If your kids participate in the Pico Ski Club Race Programs, you must renew your annual membership prior to registering your kids for 2018-18 season race programs (Race Program Registration opens in August). 

Annual dues after September 15th are $210 for the first family member and $45 for each additional family member. For example, a family of four pays $345. 

Checks and Credit/Debit Cards will be accepted for membership renewal payment prior the September 15th deadline. After Septemeber 15th, only Credit/Debit Cards will be accepted for membership payment.

To Renew your 2017-18 Pico Ski Club Membership, please CLICK HERE!