Pico Parking Policy

NEW Pico Mountain Parking Poilicy

Please note that Pico Mountain will be instituting a new parking policy for the lot in front of the Club and Little Pico Triple that directly impacts many of us.  Pico will be installing these signs in the near future along with many more Handicap Parking signs.  The new parking restrictions will be as follows:

  • Additional Handicap signs/spaces along the front of Triple.  This is in part to accommodate our good friends at Vermont Adaptive so please be respectful.  There should be no parking at all, even for drop-off.
  • There will be no parking allowed in the square lot outside the Club including along the condos on both ends.  Yes, this includes the east side along the snow banks.
  • Loading and unloading will be permitted where posted [see sample signs] and will be limited to 10 minutes.
  • Please do not leave car unattended longer than necessary. 

Thank you for following this new policy of our host mountain, and ensuring all guests and friends who come to Pico do so as well.  If you have any questions please feel free to talk to a Board member.

NEW Parking Signs Will Be Posted This Weekend.

parking sign